Through our united sacrifice, obedience, and God's miraculous work, we have committed a total of $4,000,000!
Out of those commitments, we have raised:




Remember when you were a kid and you loved to build things?

Maybe it was a snow fort or a doll house. That love of building comes from God and in this next season, He is calling us to join Him in Building Waymaker.Church. Just like the Israelites, God is calling us to take back enemy territory, to move from wanderers in temporary spaces to warriors that are building Waymaker.Church. That’s why Building Waymaker.Church is so much more than putting up a building; it’s about us building lives, families, leaders and communities.

And this is how we’ll do it:


It's about building lives.

Imagine a 24/7 ministry space in which more people are transformed by encounters with Jesus.


It's about building families.

Imagine a place where families are made whole—where broken marriages are restored and marginalized and abandoned children experience the love of God in a thriving family.


It's about building leaders.

Imagine a place where people are developed, equipped, and trained to lead the Church into a greater future.


It's about building community.

Imagine a space designed specifically for people to build relationships. Imagine a place people outside our church want to be as we share our space with the community.

Building a building is about more than just a space, it's about creating experiences in which people can encounter Jesus and leave transformed by His love. In 2018 alone we saw 119 people walk from death to life as they chose to believe in and follow Jesus. 128 people shared their stories of transformation as they were baptized—41 of those were kids. Imagine what it will be like once we have a space specifically designed for people to encounter Jesus and experience break-through.

It's about building families. We desire to see families whole, healthy, and thriving. Whether it's equipping engaged couples for the journey ahead or mentoring those who've been married for years, we believe a healthy home starts with a healthy marriage. Our new building will also serve as a central hub for our Mosaic ministry as we go after our mission to see every child experience the love of God in the context of family.

Our world and the greater Church needs high-character and high-capacity leaders to guide them into a greater future. There’s too much at stake in our times to not have the quality of leaders needed to meet those demands. Waymaker.Church is on the forefront of developing these leaders through our ministry residency, internship program, Next Level Leadership, Waymaker Institute and other leadership initiatives.

It's about a space designed specifically for people to build relationships, for friends to meet and learn together, where mentors can guide someone to a next step and families and neighbors can gather to make memories. Building Waymaker.Church is about creating a place people outside the church want to be as we share our space with the greater community.