Building Waymaker.Church FAQs

As Waymaker.Church approaches the three-year deadline of Building Waymaker.Church, we must finish the first commitment to our bank so that we can go after so much more. Through Building Waymaker.Church, we first committed to raising $4 million dollars in 3 years. So far, we have raised $2.8 million of our first commitment, so we have $1.2 million (over and above regular giving) to finish by the May 30, 2021 deadline.

We are in awe of what God did in and through our church while we were meeting at JF High School and of what He has already done through our new building. At the same time we know that God wants to do so much more. Our ministry space has become the hub for having more lives transformed, more families restored, more leaders developed, and more community being cultivated. God miraculously made a way for us to purchase 43 acres and build a 76,​800 square foot building that has become our permanent home. Also, due to the effects of COVID-19, our church would not have a place to gather if we were still trying to meet at JF High School.

The longer we waited to build a permanent facility, the greater the cost. Also God had given our leadership the vision to move from a portable location to a permanent ministry space.

The land was previously purchased with cash. The $9.4-million covers all site work, building construction costs, and necessary fixtures for a 76K square foot building. However, to reduce the overall cost, A/V equipment and furniture were excluded from this amount. Since moving in, God has provided for these items in miraculous ways. A donation was given specifically to enhance our kids wing, build a playground, and cover the cost of needed A/V equipment.

The Biblical tithe is a practice of giving the first 10% of your regular income directly to your local church, which is necessary to fuel the current vision, goals, and operations of the congregation (ex. compassion efforts, ministries, rent, equipment, staff salaries, etc.). Regularly giving must continue for the church to operate progressively. To grow and build a building, however, new giving and new givers must begin, so the necessary capital can be raised to start building.

  1. Text “Waymaker Give” to 31996. Select Waymaker Fund.
  2. Cash or check: Drop in the giving boxes in auditorium or lobby.
  3. Online at

An overall 2021 budget has been determined by our stewardship team. During our final 90 days to Finish the First anything above and beyond the monthly amount required to meet the 2021 budget amount will be designated towards Finish the First.

Waymaker.Church is led by three senior teams that are chaired by the lead pastor—elders, stewardship, and executive—and each has different roles regarding financial management. The executive team, which are paid staff members, builds the annual budget and manages day-to-day financial operations. The stewardship team, made up of qualified volunteers, oversees the regular financial reporting and advises the staff leadership on all financial matters. The elder team—also made up of qualified volunteers—gives the final review and approval of the annual budget. They also work in conjunction with the stewardship team to decide whether the church should take on capital debt.

100% of the funds go toward the actual Hooper Road building and the cost of raising the funds for the building.

Any questions about Building Waymaker.Church can be emailed to